Evil Episodes Podcast: Episode #55 Batteries charged for 2014!

EEP55LogoEvil Episodes is back!
Welcome to our first episode of 2014! It’s been awhile (longer than we expected, to be honest) but we are finally back with a new episode.  We are trying out a new format for the show, which is to broadcast the recording live on google hangout so our listeners can participate live if they want, and then releasing an audio-only version a couple days afterwards.
This first go-at-it was a little shaky.  We managed to catch everyone up on what we’ve been watching, what shows ended, what shows started, and had a great discussion on American Horror Story Coven’s finale as well as season overall. Then we reviewed 2013’s much talked about zombie apocalypse flick, The Battery.
Because this was our first try with google hangout, this episode will be absent the usual music, sounds, and promos.  You are getting the raw audio from the google hangout.  Don’t worry starting with the next episode the format will go back to being more structured now that we know a bit better what we’re doing!  Enjoy!
You can contact the show via email at evilepisodespodcast@hotmail.com or via the brand new voicemail line at 760-661-7384 We appreciate any and all feedback!

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