Evil Episodes Podcast: Episode #81 Clowned Around & Got Unfriended

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It’s Evil Episodes Podcast #81
On this edition we have a double feature for you, Unfriended which is currently in theaters, and “Eli Roth’s” Clown. One of these movies brought out the passion in a way we haven’t seen on the show in awhile. It might surprise you when you find out which one.  We then discuss all the latest on Bates Motel since for the most part that is the only horror currently on TV at the moment. All this plus some news including a tidbit on the new Scream series and another Wes Craven flick being adapted for a tv show. We close this episode out with some news about the show itself and the direction we are headed or should I say returning to starting with episode #82. All this and more……enjoy the show!
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