Evil Episodes Podcast: Episode #84 Quicksilver Highway

EEP84LogoDo not adjust the dial, your TV Horror fix is back.
It’s Evil Episodes Podcast #84!

On this edition we welcome another member of the “Not So Evil” Sidecast to the show, Iris-Dora Saravia, to help us breakdown the made-for-tv movie Quicksilver Highway. Stories by Stephen King & Clive Barker certainly sounds like a guaranteed recipe for success, right? You might want to listen to our review juuuuust in case. Iris is kind enough to stick around as we dive into the first four episodes of the third season of Tales from the Darkside, and let’s just say we may end up owing her big time for her graciousness. The show is always a grab bag, but sometimes when you grab from the Darkside bag all you end up with is a disgusting mess on your hands. Brian & Jamie saw Insidious 3, MTV’s scream gives a better look at the new mask, and we go around the “Horror tube” in our debut of the new format of the show. Listen now!

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