Evil Episodes Podcast: Episode #86 I Want My ScreaMTV

EEP86logoDo not adjust the dial, you horror tv fix is back.
It’s Evil Episodes Podcast #86
On this edition of the show Mike returns to resume hosting duties and Dave Z is back as a special guest. Dave Z saw The Gallows and gives some brief thoughts without spoiling. He also watched Wayward Pines. Does he dig it as much as the rest of the cast? We talk Hannibal, Penny Dreadful S2 finale, Whispers, True Detective S2, as well as what might be the most anticipated & debated new series, MTV’s Scream. What did it get right? What made our eyes roll, did the effective pilot hold up into the second episode? We go in depth on this one pretty good. To close the show we discuss another five episodes of Tales from the Darkside which puts us right about the mid-point of the third season…..(progress!). All this plus the latest on the on again-off again potential for a new home for Hannibal, Wayward Pines possibly getting a 2nd season, another Robert Kirkman property getting a TV adaption and so much more!
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Tonight’s Guest:

Dave Zendano
Evil Episodes Cast:

Mike Maryman
Jamie Jenkins
Brian Sammons
Thanks for Listening and as always….Don’t Touch That Dial!!!