Exploding Heads Horror Podcast #02: A Christmas Horror Story & Silent Night Bloody Night

Exploding HeadsIntro 0:00-4:19

Silent night bloody no spoilers 4:20-42:19

Silent night bloody spoilers 42:20-1:06:57

Christmas horror non spoilers (sort of) 1:06:58-2:20:04

Christmas spoilers 2:20:05

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  1. Hey. Glad to see that the fine quality of Bananalaser has transferred over to Exploding Heads. I've seen the remake of "Silent Night, Bloody Night". Is it better made? Sure. Is it better overall…um, no. It feels like any sort of modern direct-to-VOD horror film with a really low budget and the inability to capture the atmosphere of 1970s horror cinema. Still, it's worth seeing, as they stick closely to the original, and overall they make a good go of it.

  2. Thanks a lot Lee! I actually plan on checkin out the remake and the sequel next holiday season. I like to try new ones each year. I still haven't seen Rare Exports for some reason but that's also on my list.
    Thanks for the continued support!

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