Exploding Heads Horror Podcast #17: Sentinel and The Blackcoat’s Daughter

Exploding HeadsEpisode 17:
0:00-1:06:55 Intro/Emails/Challenge updates/Joke of the week/Future show ideas/Shock Till you drop/State of Fangoria
1:06:55-1:38:35 Sentinel (no spoilers)
1:38:35-1:55:50 Sentinel (spoilers)
1:55:50-2:23:54 February aka The Blackcoat’s Daughter (no spoilers)
2:23:54-3:05:28 February aka The Blackcoat’s Daughter (spoilers)

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  1. This podcast has helped me stop eating blue crayons. I will always been deeply thankful for that. Now I've got to find a show that will help stop me putting Lego up my butt.

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