Fan of the Dead (2008) Movie Review

Fan Of The Dead (2008)
Directed By: Nicolas Garreau
Reviewer: Chuck Conry

The Prologue

I think one thing that makes me awesome (if I do say so myself), is that I can watch just about anything. Any form or genre of film, no matter how good or bad. I can also appreciate a good old fashion documentary. Fan Of The Dead is a documentary filmed by Romero fan boy, Nicolas Garreau. He films his trip to all his favorite locations to his favorite movies and with this film we get to tag along with him for the ride. And while maybe it won’t keep you on the edge of your seat, it’s at least nice to see once.

The Movie
Nicolas Garreau, who is french and a MAJOR fan of George A. Romero films, takes a trip to the PA to film himself visiting the locations of Romero’s dead films (the first three), as well as a location of Creep Show and the remake to Night of the Living Dead that was made in 1990. Along the way we see exciting footage (cough) of him driving from location to location as well as some inside thoughts from people who were in the film. It may come across slightly awkward at times but you do at least feel happy for the guy getting to do what he obviously has had dreams of doing.

As stated above, Nicolas Garreau, is french! As a result, he’s often calling Dawn of the Dead “Zombie”, he’s also getting badly over-dubbed by some English speaking man during the documentary, that is at times both distracting and kinda funny. I know this is a documentary and not a comedy but I found myself chucking at times like a freshmen in sex-ed at the whole dubbing thing. I know I’m in the minority here, but I’d have rather just has subtitles I think. Now all poking fun at the film aside, it really is kind of awesome at times to see Garreau visit these places he has idolized for such a long time. While it may lack in excitement at times as well seeing it on screen, you could probably guess it would be super awesome to actually have been there.

What Nicolas Garreau does here is he first visits a convention which allows him to talk to some of the cast, mostly just zombies, but he does manage to get in a few words with David Emge who plays “Stephen” in Dawn of the Dead. He is probably the biggest name he actually gets to talk to. And maybe it’s just me but Emege seems kinda annoyed at times..Anyone who’s seen this noticed that??? Ken Foree, “Peter” of Dawn of the Dead fame, is also around for the convention and then later again when they take a visit to the iconic mall, while we hear him tell stories to the group we never actually see him up close for any small interview. That was a bit disappointing, to me anyway.

Besides that, the rest of the documentary is Nicolas driving from
location to location sharing his own personal thoughts on the films he’s covering. While they are very heart felt words at times, the whole filming himself driving thing does get a little old at times considering it’s a pretty short film. Besides what’s spoken of above, he takes a trip to the building Day of the Dead was filmed in, and as trouble finding the right locations for some things regrading that film. He also takes a trip to the graveyard of Night of the Living Dead. Which is really a cool thing to probably do yourself, or watch Romero or someone of that nature do, but does lack a little effect when seeing another fan such as yourself simply film himself do it.

The Conclusion

You know it’s really a cool concept, it just comes off as more of a
personal home video than legit documentary. I think there are people out there who love these films and might like to watch this, but I’ll admit I personally didn’t find it majorly exciting. That being said, I am very picky. If you want to check this out for yourself then click on over to Cheezy Flicks and grab this DVD for the low price of $7.99!

The Rating (4/10)