Horrific Visions #04 The Intruder

Welcome to another episode of Horrific Visions. The video podcast showcasing horror shorts and the talent behind them. For this episode we have 2010 short film The Intruder by Daniel Brown. It also stars Daniel Brown and writer Kate Mcmeans. Keep in mind this is an early work from Wide Eyed Pictures.
A young woman lets a stranger into her apartment building when he claims to have left his keys. The woman has no idea that she’s let a stalker begin his attack against her.
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  1. Hello, this is Daniel Brown the director and co-star of "The Intruder". I really appreciate the time you took to watch and review our first little short film.

    Yes, this was our first short – just the two of us wrote, shot and acted in it in our spare time in the nights we weren't too tired after our day jobs. We were looking to make real movies; hiring real crew and actors, but wanted to do something ourselves to get warmed up first. Prior to this I was a camera man and editor for other directors. I was ready to take the step up and do things on my own.

    I'm glad this film has been able to play in front of people, and I really do appreciate the feedback both positive and negative.

    Thanks again!

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