Horrific Visions #13 XYZfear

Four con artists connive to create a most unusual Halloween Haunted House. What they create is a rip-off to all who enter–with the exception of three beautiful girls who end up creating some horror of their own. 

(This low-budget short is meant to be campy!!)

ATTENTION: Any aspiring indie filmmakers out there!!! There is a feature-length script based on this short. Anyone who would like to read the script and maybe take a crack at making the feature, please contact us. It’s a really awesome script. We optioned a completely different script to Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison co. but we thought for our horror script we would see if we could find any creative indie filmmakers (Halloween horror movies are always video rental gold!!)Hope to hear from you!! xyzfear – short movie They can be contacted at their youtube channel – http://www.youtube.com/user/hwdrebel?feature=watch