Horrific Visions #19 Bunny The Killer Thing

Bunny The Killer ThingThere’s no better way to end 2012, then with my favorite horror short of the year: Bunny The Killer Thing! It’s rude, crude, insane and my type of film.
Four youngsters bump into a weird creature, which looks to be half human, half rabbit. This creature is called Bunny the Killer Thing, and it haunts anything which reminds of women’s genitals.

Director: Joonas Makkonen

Writer: Joonas Makkonen

Stars: Valtteri Herrala, Matti Kiviniemi and Joonas Makkonen

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Bunny the Killer Thing at Imdb:http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1908469/For a hilarious review of the film check out this review: https://www.horrorphilia.com/2012/04/14/bunny-the-killer-thing-short-film-audio-movie-review/