Horrorphilia Jason’s Top 10 Slashers of 2015

IMG_2232Usually I make one massive list with my favorite horror films of the year, plus all the subgenres, and special awards, but last year my post was so large and graphic intensive I had complaints that it crashed people’s browsers or took forever to load up. Check out last year’s list here. So this year i’ll be posting different lists daily until I reveal my top 20 horror films of 2015. One note for this list, I saw Cub last year at a festival so it appeared on last year’s list. Overall it was a down year for slashers but I was able to find 10 slasher films that are good enough to recommend. A few of these are for the hardcore slasher lovers only, so I’ll do my best to warn you of those titles in advance.

kill granny kill10. Kill Granny Kill – My assumption going into this film that it was gonna be a modern wannabe Troma film. While it does have the look and aesthetic of old school Troma this film is surprisingly played pretty straight. There are a few comedic moments but it’s mainly one liners and the rest is dark comedy. Influenced by Tcm and tons of other slashers its nothing too original but it delivers on nudity, gore and a fun fast running time.

run hide die dvd

09. Run Hide Die – This film takes awhile to set up and I’m sure some people will hate the bro-chick dialogue, but I thought it was a refreshing take on female characters that aren’t the same ol same ol. There are some brutal and good gore moments throughout the film. The short running time probably hampered this film a tad.

death-scort service dvd

08. Death-Scort Service – An extremely simple set up for a film but extremely effective. A disguised killer is killing prostitutes and someone has to stop them before it gets to our main heroine. Rinse, repeat. Cool grindhouse look, a great soundtrack, some solid nudity and a blast. This is fairly low budget so beware.

charlies farm dvd

07. Charlie’s Farm – Well i’m torn on this film. It’s a high production value, slick looking slasher with one of the most intimidating killers in years and yet I still think it was slightly disappointing. I get the character build up, but the slasher element of the film is almost all in the third act. When Charlie is revealed that is an o shit moment, there is a gnarly tractor tire kill and his battle with Kane Hodder helped make up for some of its short comings. The finale was your typical slasher set up with potential for sequels. A little less backstory and some random kills could have helped this film.

lost after dark blu

06. Lost After Dark – Love the throwback look and feel of the film but it still suffered from a few faults. First off the acting is spotty (which I only care if its a serious horror film) even though I loved the casting and performance of Robert Patrick. One particular emotional scene involving a dog could have been better with a stronger acting performance. Also I absolutely hated the very abrupt “convenient” ending to the film. Still it featured some cool kills and some fun moments.

the final girls

05. The Final Girls – Having this film so low on my list probably discredits me in some people’s eyes. Don’t get me wrong I think this is a really good film, but I think it falls short of being great. This film imho was severely hurt by the PG-13 rating. All the kills felt very safe and the lack of nudity just plain pissed me off. Not that I have to have nudity in slashers but one of the central messages of the film is promiscuity gets you killed in a slasher but yet they pussed out in showing any. I love the sweetness of the mother/daughter relationship but I thought the comedy relief dude was hit or miss and the b/f was just plain dull. Overall still a fun film that will appeal to the more mainstream horror audiences.


lumberjack man04. Lumberjack Man – Before you shun this movie I suggest giving it a chance. It is a horror comedy somewhat but the slasher element is treated with respect. It’s about a killer with a wheelbarrow of giant pancakes going across summer camp killing everyone in his way. There is some great nudity and a few creative kills. 

headless posters

03. Headless – I expected this to be a simple mindless slasher and that is exactly what you get. You do get some background of the killer and its extremely typical of this subgenre. What makes this film stand out is the cool Grindhouse look and feel, some great gore scenes and a cool throwback soundtrack. It’s a little bit more torture horror heavy than I prefer but the body pit scene and a few other moments make it worth it. Practically nothing original about the film but thats also part of its charm.

camp massacre

02. Camp Massacre – Definitely not for everyone. This is an extreme micro budget horror slasher that hit all the right buttons for me. The story is about a bunch of obese contestants trying to lose weight and win some money on a reality show. One by one they are being killed off by a mysterious killer. The movie is friggin hilarious. Even though these are obviously amateur actors the camaraderie between these actors is fantastic. They even managed to have a sappy love story between two characters that actually worked! There are also cameos from Bree Olsen and Al Snow which are pitch perfect. Throw in some ultra ridiculous “I can’t believe they went there” moments and creative kills and you have a recipe for a fun time. 


01. Girlhouse – The baddest mofo slasher of them all. In fact it’s one of the best slashers in a long time. This has the ingredients for a successful modern day serious slasher. Ultra slick production, great acting, solid soundtrack and a memorable killer. Normally a film like this would feature a few hot chicks mixed in with some fugly, but this wasnt the case. All the chicks in this film are grade A ass. The film starts off with a brutal moment to get you right in the mood. There is a lot of space after that for character development which you wont mind because the third act of the film brings the m’fucking thunder! When Loverboy decides to invade the compound he’s relentless in his pursuit and he’s going to maim and or mutilate anything in his path. Kylie, the heroine of the film is worthy adversary and the film ends on a strong note. Prolly my only complaint is we never get to see all of Kylie’s good even though she has you at full attention throughout the film. A minor complaint for an amazing slasher. Go see it!


  1. Thanks for including Fat Chance (aka Camp Massacre though I will always prefer the original title). I played Dr Bartok and, you're right, we had a blast making the flick.

  2. Thanks for the kind words for Camp Massacre (or, as we like to call it, FAT CHANCE), Jason. We had an absolute blast filming this movie. The cast and crew really bonded and there were many laughs.


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