Horrorphilia Jason’s Top 20 Horror Movies of 2011


Top 20

20. Final Destination 5 – The best modern day 3D horror movie so far. I loved how it tied into the original movie and the 3D was top notch. It also features my favorite death/kill of the year.

19. Kidnapped – The second best home invasion movie I saw this year. Relentless with a great depressing ending. Whatever you do dont watch the dubbed version on Netflix.

18.Seconds Apart – Easily the best of the After Dark Originals and a mighty fine supernatural thriller. Great performances by Orlando Jones and the creepy twins.

17. Cold Fish – A great bloody Japanese horror drama. It runs a little too long or I would have placed it higher.

16. Bedevilled – Another great South Korean revenge flick that slightly falls apart towards the very end.

15. Stakeland – I know It’s been a great year for horror when Stakeland falls this far down the list. A very solid apocolyptic vampire horror flick that needed to be a little longer and did a little more with the finale.

14. Troll Hunter – It probably deserves to be higher on this but a great Pg13 type horror movie. If it would have been a hard R the movie could have been a top 3 pick. I wanna point out that this pick on up to #1 are at least rated an 8 or higher.

13. Frathouse Massacre – The best pure indie horror flick. Nudity, gore, a cool story and and some great assholes that you just want to see die. It runs a little long or it would have rated higher.

12. Blind – I originally had this a top 5 pick but upon rewatch it fell a little. Its another great Korean serial killer movie that has kind of a cliched ending. It’s funny, suspenseful and just an all around solid movie.

11. Confessions – A Japanese dark drama that was nominated for an Academy Award. It’s a great revenge thriller flick. I think the subject matter of a teacher getting revenge on Jr. High Age kids gave it a twisted feel that was unique. Super dialogue heavy so be wide awake and prepared to read. Barely missed my top 10.

10. Some Guy Who Kills People – Easily the second best comedy horror of the year. Tucker and Dale just fell outside my top 20 even though I enjoyed that one also. The style of comedy in this movie mixed with some bloody kills make this the superior movie in my opinion.

9. Sleep Tight – This is directed by Rec co director Juame Ballaguero so I was expecting it to be good but it actually surpasses my expectations. Light on the horror but it’s a very suspenseful movie with a terrific performance by the lead. Unfortunately some of it is very similar to The Resident so I hope when it’s finally released in the U.S. it will get proper recognition.

8. The Woman – Easily my favorite Lucky Mckee movie. Jack Ketchum based movies usually kick ass and this is no exception. The story is not that original but the perfomances, music, and cinematography raise it to another level.

7. The Dead – The best slow walking zombie movie in forever. Very deliberately slow so I know it’s not for everyone but It hit all the right spots. The third act isn’t quite as strong as the rest but it’s still plenty damn good.

6. The Human Centipede 2 – Probably the best surprise of the year. It’s everything that I wanted the first movie to be. Nasty, disgusting, great performances and a pretty cool story. Luckily I saw the uncut version which sounds like it’s a lot better than the version that was on ppv. Hopefully on dvd/bluray everyone gets to see the version I saw.

5. Insidious – I agree that the third act isn’t quite as strong as the first two thirds or this could have been an all time classic. Instead it’s a very very good movie that has the creepiest moments of the year.

4. Red State – I wasn’t sure what to expect from Kevin Smith but what I got was pure awesomeness. It’s like he drank from Tarantino jug of cinematic wine mixed with a shot of his own style of humor. Probably the best ending of the year. (The musical type ending not the aftermath speech I’m referring to).

3. Juan of the Dead – My favorite comedy horror zombie flick ever. Yes it’s better than Doghouse, Zombieland and Shaun of the Dead. It’s beautiful to look at, slickly produced, great gore, funny and a politically incorrect film! You will be cheering for Juan and his buddies hopefully sometime soon in 2012.

2. Mother’s Day – This is probably the most controversial pick of my top 10, but it’s easily the one with some of the most rewatch factor. Great performances and just a well shot kick ass home invasion movie with some nice twists in the story. The ex Saw directors (James Wan of Insidious being the other) were on a roll in 2011.

1. I Saw The Devil – Another kick ass action serial killer thriller from South Korea. It’s probably more of a dark drama/action movie than it is horror but I think it has just enough horror elements to it to make it qualify as horror. No matter what you call it, I think it will go down as a modern day classic.

Special Awards

Best Death
Gymnastic Death in Final Destination 5.
Final D movies normally have awesome kills but this was one of the best of the whole series. The build up, tension and eventual death had me cringing in delight. Finally a cgi scene done right.

Hottest Piece of Ass
If the name of this category offends you, then I fucking apologize.

1st place – Asana Mamoru from Zombie Ass: Toilet of the Dead
The movie wasn’t the best example of the new Japanese Splatter Horror movies that have recently hit but there was no denying that Asana is the whole package. Ass, Face and Tits. The Trifecta!











Runner Up – Brandy Whitford from Beware
Beware was an average low budget slasher at best but when Brandy showed up on the screen for her short role, she had me at attention! Can’t wait to see more of her work.

Best Performances
Luis Tosar – Sleep tight
I saw Sleep Tight at Fantastic Fest this year and it was a delightful surprise. Luis’ work as the creepy Cesar was pitch perfect.

Laurence Harvey – The Human Centipede 2
Where the hell does Tom Six find his leads? People thought he hit a homerun with Dieter Laser, but he may have outdone himself, as Laurence Harvey is the epitome of a disgusting, nasty villain like we may have never seen of this caliber. It was like he was born for the role.

Most Disappointing
LividFrom the directors of Inside I was expecting so much more. Instead of a kick ass follow up to an amazing movie, what we gets is a slow plodding haunted house/fantasy movie that’s not only boring but a mess.

Laid To Rest 2 – I wasnt the hugest fan of Laid to Rest 1 but I thought it had some fantastic kills. I was for sure they were gonna fix the problems from the first movie with the follow up. I think they managed to pack too much story into the follow up and I don’t think the kills are even as cool as the original. Both movies had terrible endings.

Best Indie Horror Films
I know you can debate what is technically an indie flick. Most foreign movies could possibly qualify as an indie film. All the ones I chose for the list are low budget movies that I think deserve more attention because how cool they are.
1. Frathouse Massacre
2. The Killing of Jacob Marr
3. Rage
4. Beyond The Dunwich Horror
5. Closed For The Season
6. Klown Kamp Massacre
7. Dear God No
8. The Super
9. Psycho Holocaust
10. The Orphan Killer

Favorite Horror Short
Up Under The Roof
I saw dozens of horror short this year and I can easily say that I enjoyed a vast majority of them. Out of all the ones I saw this year this one has stayed with me the longest. The cinematography and voice over narration is top notch. Definitely recommend checking it out.

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  1. I've read The Women by Jack Ketchum and I can say…….WOW! I believe that this piece of writing to be the best of trilogy so far. I have read The Woman & her captors and ancestors… True & fiction..

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