NFW Movie Commentary Podcast

Entertaining movie commentaries, with rotating hosts, to play along with some our your favorite and maybe not so favorite flicks.

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  1. Love the show!!! Great movies , funny host, especially when the guys from AMHWM
    Are on. Getting ready for halloween, so bust out some texas chainsaw!! Thanks guys keep
    It up

  2. Great movies for Halloween !! I went back and visited Monster Squad def a staple for every Halloween watch list !!! Thanks guys keep up the podcast they get me through work.
    Thanks, Bruce

    • Thanks so much Bruce, It makes us happy to know someone is enjoying our shows. We have a lot of good shows coming up soon. We just started recording The Alien Series and we WILL be doing the Texas Chainsaw movies soon Thanks again for the feedback and Listening

  3. Wish master 2 … Finally the Jake peeing episode!!! Lol. I'm going to check out 1+2 I haven't seen either one. Great show as always. Thanks , Bruce

  4. Demon night was another good episode guys. Did miss Willis though, but on the other hand got to hear some of Newtys private life. Lol!! Keep it up I really enjoy checking my podcast feed & seeing a 1 beside the NFW logo. Always eager to get next episodes. Thanks, Bruce

  5. Can't say enough about the guys on this podcast!!! Super nice & open to me being on the show & filled my movie request!! It don't get any better for host & co-host. Horrorphilia you have a great group of guys @ NFW. Def my favorite movie podcasters. Thanks again, Bruce

  6. U guys fucking killed it on alien 3!! Shitty movie but great commentary. Willis did trivia & lit the movies ass up in 1st 45 seconds Lol!! Good job guys when a crew can make a terrible movie enjoyable it says a lot about the personalities. The fact this show is not making top 10 every week is a crime & should be punishable by law!! Lol

    Thanks, Bruce

  7. Great job on Friday episode!! You guys are always giving me laughs out loud!! For 100th episode how about the old dawn of the dead?? Maybe the extended version. Whatever u do I know it'll be great thanks Bruce

  8. April fools day episode rocked!! Got 2 listen on April fools!!! The co host from across the pond in Scotland, had some epic rants!! I was laughing my ass off! Willis wake up

    • I loved the wrestling talk. Would love a podcast where they talk wrestling or watch an old PPV on WWE Network or something along those lines.

      Yes Gil was in rare form in this episode.

  9. Great chemistry and highly entertaining anecdotes on each movie… The opening trailers and bumper music rock.
    Thanks Newty, Jake, Willis (ahemmm) and guest hosts. I'm looking forward to the upcoming shows as they sound like a riot.

  10. Just recently found you guys. I listen everyday at work. Absolutely love everything. No one where I live is into all the great horror movies and wants to just talk about them. So this is my escape every day. Keep this shit up.

  11. TCM 2 / 3 were epic shows!!! TCM 2 got credit it deserves & pt 3 had the biggest FUBAR beginning of podcast history!! 1984 show was back to the 3 OG's & it flowed with great laughs as usual. Willis slammed his pecker on the counter & Newty gave 1984 a 7.5 a true wtf moment considering he gave the original TCM an 8???? Best movie podcast by far. Take care guys looking forward to the rest of TCM 's. Thanks, Bruce

  12. TCM the beginning…. Frrreeeedoooooommmm!!!!! Willis makes up some noodles Gill makes up some epic smoke & jakes ultimate fantasy is revealed it involves big boobies & his finger up his … Newty on point as always busting balls. Great show guys

  13. Between nightmare on elm st 2 & Gwens former appearances talking about sucking cock this show may end up in the gay section of iTunes! Lol

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