Horrorphilia Podcast #18 Prom Night 1-4

This week we review the insanely inconsistent Prom Night series. From the well know original with Jamie Lee Curtis, to the two crazy Mary Lou entries and finally end with the terrible slasher known as part 4. We also have a internet round table discussion about current state of dvd horror. All this plus our now infamous whatcha been watching/playing segment with reviews of several other movies and some nerdy video game talk.

Show Notes*

How to avoid watching bad straight to dvd horror here.

Scott Mendelson’s list of 10 best modern dirct to dvd horror here.

Why straight to dvd films are worth a spin here.

Chuck Conry’s zombies dont run blog click here.

Fight for your life trailer

Outro Music: Artist: Volbeat Song: Wild Rover of Hell


  1. I have only one comment! JASON – How can you like Midnight Movie over The Midnight Meat Train? How man, how????

  2. Midnight Meat Train was a missed opportunity and too much cgi. Midnight Movie is a fun slasher. Therefore Midnight Movie pwns The Midnight Meat Train.

  3. I've tried to watch Midnight Movie but I've fallen asleep each time, maybe if I catch it on before 2 a.m.? lolThanks for the plug, I appreciate it.

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