Horrorphilia Podcast #05 Redneck Horror

Horrorphilia Podcast #5
The forces of good and evil conspired to try and stop us from releasing this episode. It only took 5 recording sessions, 6 hours of audio recorded and 4 1/2 hours lost, to complete our redneck special. This episode we drop our normal format to review Redneck horror movies spanning 1964 to 2009. This was our 5th time repeating the same crap so forgive us if we dont sound the most enthusiastic about the material. We had a blast reviewing these 17+ movies and hope you enjoy listening to it. Im sure there are a couple of gems we uncovered that might sound interesting to check out.

Show Notes
Am I right?

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  1. What about Trailer Park of Terror? No, it was pretty bad and not worth the extra audio time. Messengers 2 was sorta redneck, but also bad. Jason–I have to side with you on Devil's Rejects. And good to see props go to the Hills Have Eyes remake!

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