Horrorphilia Podcast #06 Deadgirl, Coming Soon, and Blood: The Last Vampire

episode 6

Horrorphilia #6 is available to download. This week we review 3 unique movies, Deadgirl, the new Thai horror movie Coming Soon and vampire action flick Blood: The Last Vampire. Available on  Itunes, or listen here on the blog.

Show Notes
The Hills Run Red Trailer

Hell Patrol


  1. Thanks for the plug guys. But damn yall sound hammered. It was really peppy at the beginning, but Jason was starting to get all slurred and Texan-like by the end. And too much synopsis explanation! I'll listen to your opinions all day, but the long synopsis talk is hard to listen to. Borp– Tokyo! is pretty good. The director of The Host (Bong Joon Ho) does one of the films, as does Spike Jonze.

  2. Great show guys. My favorite episode yet. Drink vodka and red bull every episode. Deadgirl sounds fucked up I cant wait to see it.

  3. I was the only was hammered, Borp is just Swedish. (haha) Its a hard balance on how much to synopsize.

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