Horrorphilia Podcast #01 Dead Wood and Acolytes

Horrorphilia Podcast Episode #1
First episode of weekly horror podcast featuring reviews of foreign, indie and low budget movies that dont get the attention they deserve. In our first episode Boris and I (Jason) stumble and bumble our way through two reviews. First review is for Dead Wood a supernatural woods movie and the second review is for Acolytes, an Austrailian slasher that we had dissenting opinions on. All that plus discussions on our favorite all time horror movies and modern horror movies we like but most people dont.

Show Notes*
Eli Roth pic click here.
List of 2000 and up horror movies here.

Dead Wood Trailer



  1. just listened to the first podcast. i probably should have started with the newest one and worked my way back. i might have avoided the shock. it was like watchin a serbian film. the improvement in such a short time is amazing. okay, on to the next one. i'm curious, yet afraid.

    good job guys!

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