Horrorphilia Podcast #28 Hail Satan! Reviews of The House of the Devil, Hellbound, The Brotherhood of Satan and Race With The Devil

This is Satanic week and fittingly enough Jamie is back in the fold. From the 70’s we review The Brotherhood of Satan and also Race With The Devil starring Peter Fonda and Warren Oates. We also review the recently released The House of the Devil and we cant forget Hellbound starring the one and only Chuck Norris. We have a few big announcements and we get to bash on the Splattercast as we announce our Wishmaster duel with them in March.

Show Notes:

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  1. What, did you guys kick Borp out of his own show? :)And did you steal the famous Splattercast 10 point scale for review purposes? 🙂

  2. No Bitches we did not kick Borp off. He canceled, he was given a choice of doing it 12am his time or 5 and before school. He chose 5am then said he could not do it. They have been doing the 10 point scale since episode 1.

  3. I said 5 am Monday morning. Not tesday morning. I'm gonna try to be on for each week but really getting up at 5am on a tuesday is a bitch.

  4. I think numbers and the 10 point scale has been around been way been Splattercast. I guess Ign copied from yall too?

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