Horrorphilia Versus #6 The Original Romero Zombie Trilogy

We got a special treat for this podcast folks. Guest hosting with us we have Thomas Berdinski and Jeff Bromley from The Italian Zombie Movie Parts 1 and 2 and The Giant Rubber Monster Movie. We tackle the original George A Romero zombie trilogy – Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead and Day of the Dead and compare it to their respective remakes and decide a winner. You would think this was a slam dunk but one person picks a shocker and his initials are B.E. All this plus interviews with the fellas about their projects, zombie music and much more.

Show Notes:
Make sure you visit
Website for The Italian Zombie Movie is http://italianzombiemovie.com/

The Italian Zombie Movie Facebook Page: Click here.

The Giant Rubber Monster Movie Facebook Page: Click here.

Links to buy both movies for really cheap can be found here: Click here.

Songs played during show were:
Johnny Cash – The Man Comes Around
The Jim Carroll Band – People Who Died
Chuck Conry – Zombies Don’t run from Rigormortis Album (Click here to download)
Your Favorite Martian – Zombie Love Song (Click here to buy)

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