Horrorphilia Versus #1 The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and 13 Ghosts


Welcome to our first episode of Horrorphilia Versus Podcast. The concept is simple. We take an original horror movie and we compare it against its remake/reboot/reimagining. In the end only one movie can be victorious. This episode its  William Castle’s 13 Ghosts(1960)vs the remake Thir13en Ghosts(2001), and also The Texas Chain Saw Massacre(1974) vs. the 2003 remake. All this plus Vampires vs Werewolves and we find out about an odd habit that Zach admits to on air.

Contact Jason at email@horrorphilia.net and Zach at zachofthedead@yahoo.com. Voicemail line is 512-524-7817.

Show Notes

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