Karate King & The TCR present: High School Holocaust Part 1

a2345797422_10Karate King & The TCR present: High School Holocaust

A three-volume spanning soundtrack to the eponymous 1983 slasher movie that only exists in our imagination. Featuring exclusive spine-tingling synth masterpieces by your favorite retro electronic dance music (REDM) artists.

The year is 1983. For the students of Beaver High, spring break is just around the corner. It’s a time of carefreeness, partying and amorous adventure. But a mysterious creature appears from the shadows, thirsting for blood. Armed with a cleaver and wearing the high school mascot’s beaver mask, it kills off the students in increasingly grotesque and gruesome ways. First there was Jason, then there was Freddy, now get ready… for a NEW wave of terror: High School Holocaust. The class of ’83 just got dam’d.

Part 1 of High School Holocaust is now available on Karate King Records’s Bandcamp page: https://karatekingmusic.bandcamp.com/album/karate-king-the-tcr-present-high-school-holocaust-part-1

The download includes a digital 1983 Beaver High retro yearbook featuring gruesome and exclusive slasher-style death pictures of your favorite synth stars.

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