Lycan It! #02 Howlingween Special!

HowlingweenSpecialWelcome to the 2013 Lycan It! Howlingween Special! We’re back and we’re rad. Join Craig and Jamie as they welcome their special guest, author Brian M. Sammons, to kick in his two cents along with theirs on the much maligned Howling series, 1-7. Do they all think it’s as bad as legend tells us? You’ll have to listen to find out. This is a long one, folks, so settle in and get comfortable.

Also included in this episode are some wolftastic music choices, thoughts on the Howling serious by producer Steven A. Lane, as well as Jamie’s review of Ted Alspach’s Ultimate Werewolf role playing game, generously provided by the wonderful folks at Bezier Games.

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Brian M. Sammons

Bezier Games

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