Lycan It! #03 Teen Strippers Vs The Skeleton Crew

lycan it! 3Hello, werewolf fans! Welcome to episode 3. Jamie and Craig are thrilled to bring you, not only their third episode, but their second episode in a row. I know, I know. It’s difficult to believe, but it’s true. Joining them this month are none other than Jamie’s co-hosts from The Skeleton Crew, Alex and Dan. They either class up the place or bring it crashing down. You be the judge.

In the first segment, both Alex and Dan join Jamie and Craig to chat about the endearing and enduring teen comedy, Teen Wolf, starring Michael J Fox. Then, later on, Jamie and Dan take it on their own to dig into the curious title, Strippers VS Werewolves, with the ever-constant Robert Englund. Many are avoiding this film based on the title alone. Is that fair? Listen to find out.

Right smack in the middle of all of that, Jason (of Horrorphilia legend) delivers his biting segment, Shape Shift, during which he will be reviewing Lycanthrope from 1999 starring Robert Carradine and Michael Winslow courtesy of Bloodwave DVD, as well as the short film, The Beast, starring Bill Oberst Jr. Finally, Jason will be discussing the indie horror film, Weedwolf, wherein the outrageous residents of small-town Normal, Texas, find their partying ways threatened by a mysterious werewolf who likes to eat stoners, courtesy of Rat Bastard Films.

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