My Bloody Podcast #01 BodyCount and Simon Says

mbp01Welcome to the debut episode of My Bloody Podcast, a podcast primarily focusing on reviewing obscure, rare, underrated, low budget slasher films along with other fun horror oddities that don’t get enough attention. The podcast is hosted by Jeff formerly of Much of Madness/More of Sin Podcast (Check those out here), and Jason former host of Horrorphilia Podcast.

This episode we review the very fun and strange… Ruggero Deodato’s Body Count aka Camping Del Terrore from (86-87), and a crazy slasher starring none other than Cripin Glover called Simon Says. Besides the reviews we have an upcoming dvd release countdown segment and we discuss the horror films currently at Redbox that are worth checking out. All this plus we announce the winner of our first contest, a discussion of Harry and the Hendersons, Ice – T, sober dudes at strip club joints and much more!

You can follow along and watch these film via these following methods:

Body Count: an ok version is streaming for free on youtube:
A better version is available to rent or buy digitally on Amazon: Click Here.

Simon Says dvd can be found on the cheap here: Click Me.
Also available to rent or buy digitally for cheap: Click Here.

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  1. Great show! I like the format and recognize the work you put into it. Two plus hours though is a lot of time to commit. I'd prefer two seperate hour shows a few days apart or something.

    • It's a long story but podcasts wont be out for every 3-4 weeks, but this one did run longer than expected. Most future podcasts should prolly run closer to the 1hr and 1/2 range. Thanks for listening and the feedback though. This was kind of a warm up podcast for us, so greater things are yet to come.

  2. Awesome podcast. Please keep them coming. Personally the longer the duration the better for me to keep me company on the road

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