My Bloody Podcast #02 Slashers and Twice Dead

MBP02We’re heeeeere! I know it feels like it’s been ages but Jeff and Jason are back with another exciting episode of My Bloody Podcast. This show the duo give their .02 on the low budget indie film Slashers (2001) directed by Maurice Deveraux, and a ghost/revenge/slasher film Twice Dead (1988). Jason is stone cold sober and Jeff is totally blasted by podcasts end. Not only do they review those fun films but they also have horror news, their new release dvd recommend segment – The Lucky 7, and the Redbox Horror Roundup. But wait there’s more! They also discuss Jeff’s encounter with Jack In The Box’s the Bacon Insider, Jason’s experience at Sherwood Forest, and much more.

You can purchase Slashers here.
You can get Twice Dead here.

The Lucky 7
Patrick (original)…the remake is not out yet…correction of what Jason said, still worth checking out by clicking here.
Dead Kids, click here.
Slumber Party Massacre, click here.
Buck Wild, click here.
Here Comes The Devil, click here.
The Conspiracy, click here.
Low, click here.

Redbox horror round up click here.

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