My Bloody Podcast #06 Death Spa and The Pool

?????????????Seems like centuries but we’re back once again with the strength of ten! Dropping some horror knowledge…err buffoonery, like only we can. This episode Jeff and Jason review the recently released on blu-ray Witch Bitch aka Death Spa (1989)! If possessed gym equipment aint enough for you, then prepare for our review of the Scream inspired German horror film The Pool (2002), starring future stars Isla Fisher and James McAvoy. Throw in some horror news, a few more review segments and you have a couple of hours of awesomeness ready at your disposal. Plus a chance to win The Hills Have Eyes 1 and 2 double pack.

Main Reviews
Death Spa

The Pool

Jason’s Reviews
The Human Race

The Den

Jeff’s Slasher Reviews
Joy Ride 3: Road Kill

Blood Widow

Deadly Weekend

Varsity Blood

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