Mysterious Boom #12 –Ouija vs Siri

MB#12 Cover-The Crosby Boom HQ Pits Kevin’s Ouija Board vs Gregory’s Siri
-Very strange things have been happening at Kevin’s house since he brought home the Ouija

-Kevin Asks Siri if there are any spirits in house house, and the answer is shocking!

-Gregory asks Siri if she is really the soul of Steve Jobs converted to electronics,
-and she is acting very shifty about the whole thing.

-We discuss local Crosby, TX Cryptoids, Yired Squills, Wreakers, and Raods

-Huke theorizes that the Yired Squills are causing the Mysterious Booms in Crosby

-What is a Windigo?

-The Mysterious voice at the Spanish Fork wreck

-Baby Lexi, the “Ghost push baby”

-The benefits of bees

-Huke tried to catch a bee with his bare hands…

End song: Baroness – Take My Bones Away

Bonus: Dusty Rhodes post credits stinger​

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