Mysterious Boom #14 – Ghostbullies

????????​The Booms were very active in Kevin’s town on Saturday

We get calls from a guy named Joe who is pretty freaked out over the Booms

We tried to call Joe…

Kevin spends the night investigating a friends haunted house and goes “Ghost Bully”

We hear an interview Kevin conducts during his night at the haunted house

The mystery of the $2.99 Walgreens brand Big Flats beer

The panel doesn’t buy the Jaime Primak Sullivan and Charlie video

Huke tells a story of an experience that solidified his belief in the paranormal

Joseph P. tells the Demon Baby story

End Song:
BROTIMEGhosts (I Can’t See You)

This week’s Panel

Huke Green
Cristi Green
Kevin Choate
Joseph Panarese

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