New Orleans Horror Film Festival The Hike Interviews

Getting Lost would be the least of their problems…
Betch Slap Pictures Presents A Walt Bost film…
Writer Director Walt Bost
Starring Dave Abrams, Toussaint Jeanlouis, Mark Skeens, and Emily Wilson
Original Music by David Frank Long
FX Makeup Erika Grauman
Director of Photography Tuan Le
Producers: Christopher Dinh, David Frank Long, John Sobrack
Saturday night 3pm to 5pm was the Dark Drama Shorts and one of the 7 short films was THE HIKE and out of the block, this one was my favorite. Shortly after viewing it, I spoke with the actor Toussaint Jeanlouis and the writer/director Walt Bost and the music composer David Frank Long.
An enjoyable interview with these three men.
Walt Bost the writer/director for The Hike was humorous and laid back from North Carolina and I liked that his characters were not over the top stereotypical¬† characters. They “are just characters that I want you to care about. They are just people.”
David Frank Long Happy Go Lucky David was a breath of fresh air. He asked my thoughts on a particular phobia in regards to horror. I think I answered him well.
Toussaint Jeanlouis portrayed Nate one of the characters in the short film The Hike. A fascinating young man with a love for the theatre “It’s the place where I feel I can connect the most to people. It’s my home.”
And one of these men have been accepted into the BLUEMEN program…which one…scroll down and either click the the link or further down and click on the player. So join me in listening to what these 3 gentlemen had to say last Saturday, Oct. 28th at the New Orleans Horror Film Festival at The Inn on Bourbon…

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Massacre Sing to Your Children was a discussed and the writer for the play was Jose Rivera
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