NFW Movie Commentary Podcast: A Nightmare On Elm Street (100th Episode Celebration!)

NFWANOESThe NFW crew hit a huge milestone. They recorded their 100th episode! To celebrate this event they commentate the classic film ANOES along with guest host Johhny Krueg from the Krueger Nation podcast! Sync up your blu-ray, grab your favorite brew and enjoy!

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  1. Enjoyed the commentary. Got me to try an experiment. I've seen the movie a hundred times and I've read the screenplay. But, it's streaming Netfix, so I'm watching it scene-by-scene while reading the script after each scene. A couple of things early on I noticed, a lot of people always say: "Why is there a goat in the hallway?" Well, it's a lamb. And the screenplay says: "It's there for no reason." But I always thought it was symbolic of a lamb to the slaughter. Another thing, before going to class the next day, Tina is talking about her dream. She tells Nancy: "Maybe there's an earthquake coming. I hear weird things happen just before an earthquake." End Scene. Sound like another Craven script on Freddy with Nancy/Heather involved? It's little stuff like that you take away from reading the work and seeing it. Just a fun suggestion! Keep up the fun work!

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