“Not So Evil” Sidecast #02 Deliver us from Southern Discomfort!

SideCast2LogoEpisode #2 of the Sidecast is here!
On this edition, Mike & Jamie welcome Doug Tilley and Moe Porne to discuss a couple of “fish out of water” flicks, in Deliverance & Southern Comfort. Two movies featuring a cast of characters getting into a sticky situation in unfriendly confines.  Two movies that on the surface seem very similar but once dissected come off rather different. Find out our thoughts, comparisons, contrasts, and overall thoughts on both of these movies! 
Today’s cast:
Mike Maryman: @NoCalMike @EvilEpisodes http://www,evilepisodes.com
Jamie Jenkins: @Maven1974 co-host of Evil Episodes, Devour the Podcast, Skeleton Crew and a guest on so much more!
Doug Tilley: @Doug_Tilley co-host of No Budget Nightmares & Above the Line podcast  http://dailygrindhouse.com
Moe Porne:  @DrunkOnVHS Prolific Podcaster/Amateur Porn Director/Aspiring Sex Machine 

Host of Drunk on VHS 
Coshost of No-Budget Nightmares (with some other guys who’s name escapes me) 

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