“Not So Evil” Sidecast #04 “Requiem For a Pi”

SideCast4LogoWelcome to the latest chapter of the “Not So Evil” sidecast!
On this episode we are discussing two movies from Darren Aronofsky, but not just any two, nope! Our designated host Corey Graham selected Aronofsky’s very first two films, PI & Requiem for a Dream. Also joining us for the discussion is the familiar voice of Doug Tilley along with first time guest Ashley Montgomery who also co-hosts The Above the Line podcast with Doug!
Discussion gets pretty in depth, including many spoilers and interpretations of various scenes in the movies. Heavily advised that listeners watch both films before listening, however as always, that is simply a request not a requirement.
Sit back, relax, and get our take on a very crafty director going from a low budget, critically acclaimed debut to an indie darling that set the movie geek blog-o-sphere into a frenzy with his follow-up!

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