“Not So Evil” Sidecast #06 Terminator; His & Her Edition!

SideCast6LogoOn this installment, one podcast was sent back in time to about two weeks ago, for a great discussion on the James Cameron Sci-Fi/Horror classic, The Terminator, and (to put it kindly), a companion piece in the Indonesian flick, Lady Terminator.
Will you be able to handle three grown men gushing over everything Terminator? Will Ashley be targeted for terminator by the end of the show? Just what in the hell was going in for the first half hour of Lady Terminator exactly?
The only way to find out is to listen to this month’s Not-So-Evil Sidecast!

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Tonight’s cast:
Mike Maryman @NoCalMike Evil Episodes @EvilEpisodes

Doug Tilley @Doug_Tilley No Budget Nightmares Above the Line Podcast

Ashley Montgomery @AddiecakesNY Above the Line Podcast

Chris @Paimonaeon of Bind/Torture/Kast @BindTortureKast