“Not So Evil” Sidecast #13 Godzilla U.S.A.

SidecastLogo13Welcome to the latest installment of the “Not So Evil” Sidecast.
On this episode the four of us take on 4 American takes on the Godzilla movie. Is Raymond Burr a welcome addition to Gojira, not once, but twice? Does a great monster design help make Godzilla ’85 watchable? Was Godzilla 1998 merely a post-Jurassic Park cash cow? Who really likes Godzilla ’14 and who doesn’t? Find out right now…..special note: Iris was unable to join us during the episode but was so kind to record and send us her thoughts on the four movies discussed in the episode. Listen for Iris’s thoughts towards the end of the episode during our wrap-up(s)!

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Tonight’s Cast:
Mike Maryman@NoCalMike@EvilEpisodeswww.evilepisodes.com
Jeff X Martin@JefferyXMartin