Skeleton Bones Episode 05: Octoberween


Dave Z. and Michael J open the show, back after a hiatus, hope to get things back to normal. They kick things off by unleashing their plans for next week’s HALLOWEEN Extravaganza! After they get into Dave’s thoughts after re-watching the Producer’s Cut of Halloween 6. Michael J saw Crimson Peak, did it live up to his expectations? Will Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension change the way movies are released? Did Danielle Harris lose her virginity from Billy The Stutterer from Halloween 5? All that and more get us moving!


Johnny Gore is back with us for this segment! Would he hurt Chucky, or partake in a Chucky/Tiffany threesome? The new Friday The 13th is delayed again, and the upcoming game looks epic!

All that and more, so join the insanity!

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