Skeleton Crew Presents Horror Hits Hosted by Alex Edwards

HBannerSkeleton Crew Presents Horror Hits Hosted by Alex Edwards

Alex (host of the Skeleton Crew) does his best Casey Kasem impersonation and hosts the Skeleton Crew Horror Hits! Spend the night in the dungeon alone with Alex and he walks you threw his personal favorite horror music! This show it’s much more than a bunch of songs! Give it a listen!

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  1. Did everyone know that the gayest of all horror fans Vincent Paul, quit his show because he is dying of AIDS ? Now the 4 listeners he had on the regular wont have the privilege of hearing his smokers voice put them to sleep. Its a shame he was never able to get over the success everyone besides him had, hosting a simple horror podcast. I heard he was never able to eat asshole as well as he did before she was showed up in 2012.

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