Slice & Dice Dreadcast – Episode 01 – Butcher Boys & We Are Still Here

Welcome to the first episode of Slice & Dice Dreadcast, a new podcast under the Death By Podcast umbrella. In this podcast venture, Joey, from Death By Podcast, and Jim, from our friends at the Jim & Zope Cast, will be discussing horror films via a roulette style on streaming devices, such as Netflix, Amazon, Shudder and more.

On the first episode, we’ll be discussing two films from Netflix, Butcher Boys and We Are Still Here. After introducing ourselves, Joey poses the question “what is Jim’s favorite Rob Zombie film” and since Jim’s favorite movie is John Carpenter’s Halloween, Joey asks his thoughts on the Zombie remake.

Off the roulette table for Episode 2 is Event Horizon and The Host, both available on Netflix. Watch in advance and contact us via email or social media if you have any comments, reviews, or want to be heard on air!