Sloppy Seconds: The Movie Sequel Podcast 04 – Return Of The Killer Tomatoes


Hello Horrorphilia people! We’re back to mess up your kitchen in November with the first in the pair of food related films. This time around we squeeze the produce to make sure it’s ripe when we dive into Return of the Killer Tomatoes from 1988. After the great tomato war outlaws the tasty treat, Professor Gangreen devises a plan to turn normal tomatoes into functioning human super humans. When his sex slave/girlfriend/housemaid Tara escapes, she finds Chad and, along with his sex starved friend Matt, are brought into this plot of tomato smuggling, mad scientists, bad 80s references and most of all product placement! So hop on you Honda Four Runner and grab a Pepsi, these veggies are definitely worth the squeeze!

0:00-18:35 Intros and Sequel News

18:36-44:50 Return of the Killer Tomatoes Review

44:51-49:48 Promos (Cristi Hates Horror, Two Drink Minimum Commentaries) and preview for next time (Blood Feast 2 : All You Can Eat)

49:49-58:56 Axe-wielding Alex mp3 and response

58:57-1:06:01 Goodbyes and such

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