Sloppy Seconds: The Movie Sequel Podcast 10 – Chud II: Bud The Chud

Sloppy Chud artYou ever wake up from a long nap and need a snack? Have you ever hungered for something different? I don’t think a Snickers bar will cure the title character’s need to feed. We cover the late 80s gem C.H.U.D. 2 : Bud The CHUD this time around. When a pair of teens steals a cadaver from a sketchy research facility, our titular character is awakened to hilariously terrorize suburbia with hilarious results. So grab that sports jacket, head to the Halloween dance and strut and chomp down the street. Because in the land of the CHUDs, you are only as good as your theme music.

0:00-18:02 Intro and sequel news
18:03-39:49 (CHUD 2 review)
39:50-44:50 (Promos: Bananalaser, Talk Without Rhythm Preview for next time: Road To Hell)
44:51-50:13 Goodbyes, plugs and closing song (Dead Man’s Party performed by Oingo Boingo)

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