The Dark Hours Horror Podcast Episode 06: 07/02/2015

thedarkhoursThe Dark Hours Horror Podcast 6

Films Discussed:
Anarchy Parlor
Dead Shadows
The Poltergeist of Borley Forest

Opening Clip: The Ghost With The Most (aka: Betelguise)
1st Clip: It Follows (The Warning)
2nd Clip: Extraterrestrial (Michael Ironside)
3rd Clip: Anarchy Parlor (Skin Poke Method)
4th Clip: Beetlejuice (Juno Scolds the Maitlands)
5th Clip: Poltergeist 2015 (Jared Harris as Carrigan Burke)
6th Clip: Poltergeist 1982 (You Only Moved The Bodies!)

There might be another surprise at the end …

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