The Dark Hours Horror Podcast Episode 08: 07/21/2015

thedarkhoursThe Dark Hours Horror Podcast 8

Films Discussed:

These Final Hours

The Pact 2

The Jokesters

Stonhearst Asylum

You Are Not Alone

Opening Clip: Fear the Djinn from Wishmaster
1st Clip: A Fixation on Death by Trash, Return of the Living Dead
2nd Clip: These Final Hours Clip
3rd Clip: Behind the Scenes of The Pact 2 with Camilla Luddington
4th Clip: Remove the Decal from The Coneheads
5th Clip: A Tour of Stonehearst Asylum with Silas Lamb
6th Clip: The Neverending Story: A Conversation with Morla

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