The Six and a Half Feet Under Podcast #01 – The Horror of Compartmentalization

MCDCRAW EC001The Six and a Half Feet Under Podcast, affectionately known as the “Six Point Five,” offers enlightening, informative and possibly profane discussions about B-films as art, entertainment and social barometer. Author Jeffery X Martin (co-host of the “Kiss the Goat” podcast) helms this show, featuring a rotating panel of experts and some surprise guests. It’s thought-provoking entertainment for film lovers, schlock apologists and movie mavens of all kinds.

Join Jeffery X Martin, Trey Lawson, Matthew Monagle and Tim Murr as they discuss apartment horror, motel terror, claustrophobia and Ian McShane’s excellent usage of eye liner. This is the #sixpointfive.

Coming soon to Itunes and Stitcher for the Horrorphilia feed.