TSC #21 Sleepaway Camp 2 + 3 Retrospective

The Skeleton Crew Episode 21: Sleepaway Camp 2 + 3 Retrospective

You’re invited to join us as we take a trip back to Camp Rolling
Hills and Camp New Horizons! We explore the grounds and discuss
everyone’s favorite camp killer, Angela Baker, as she leaves more
carnage! The best kills, over the top gore and nudity, and so much more
are dissected as only The Skeleton Crew can do it, so sit by the fire and make some
s’mores, but beware of Angela. She’s looking for unhappy campers!

Thanks for listening!

Tune in next week for an EXCLUSIVE interview
with Jonathan Tierston “Ricky” from Sleepaway Camp and Return to
Sleepaway Camp! Right after we go over the good bad and ugly Return to
Sleepaway Camp!

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