TSC #07 Friday the 13th Part 7

Join us for another installment of our 12 Days Of Friday The 13th celebration. We’re breaking it down as never before. The kills, the women, your favorite characters and more! So get your camp fire going, crack open an ice-cold beer and take a trip back to Crystal Lake and witness the birth of Jason Voorhees!

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  1. This is obviously coming a couple of years late, but I'm just going through your Friday the 13th retrospective. In regards to Tina's dad being at the bottom of the lake for however many years, I also don't think it's an issue. It's apparent that nobody recovered Jason's body from the lake when he "drowned" as a little kid or he wouldn't be living in the woods. Besides, wouldn't everyone — especially Mrs. Voorhees — been a little confused/concerned that they couldn't recover young Jason's body?

    Furthermore, the opening scene of Friday the 13th takes place in the 1950s, sometime AFTER Jason "drowned". The camp is obviously still open at that point — the counselors are singing songs around a campfire before two of them sneak off to get killed (Mrs. V getting revenge) — but does anyone actually believe they would leave the camp open if Jason's body was never recovered? If everyone believes he drowned but they couldn't find his body, they would think a) maybe he didn't drown and we need to start a search of the woods or b) we just can find his body. Scenario b) has the potential to be a P.R. nightmare, if the camp kids went swimming and his body finally floated to the surface, traumatizing everyone, so they would keep the camp closed until he WAS found.

    Point is, it's not believable that young Jason was never recovered in the 1950s, but it's a movie and we don't get all bent out of shape over it. Same thing applies here. I would prefer that Tina's dad look more water-logged, like he did in the original footage before the changes were demanded, but his existence is overall fine.

  2. I love this movie for three reasons: 1)Lar Park Lincoln, 2)Jason's look, both in general and under the mask, 3)The telekinesis.

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