TSC #15 The Terminator Puts The Crew In Detention With The Dead!

The Skeleton Crew Episode 15: The Terminator Puts The Crew In Detention With The Dead!

TOP FEATURE Alex gets an EXCLUSIVE scoop from Arnold Schwarzenegger about Terminator 5
40:00 – 45:50

We start things off breaking down our Netflix Pick Of The Week- Hellraiser: Revelations.
We were all surprised by each others reaction to the film, and by the scores we gave it.
Beginning – 24:20 SPOILERS

Then we’re joined by Alex Craig Mann, the mastermind behind the indie film to look out for DETENTION OF THE DEAD, Alex gives great insight into making the film, his influences, and his thoughts on the zombie craze that’s going on.
27:30 – 40:00

Then we wrap things up with HorrorBid Headlines: Sam Raimi Producing Poltergeist Remake, Danielle Harris Is Back In Hallow’s Eve, Alex Shows Some Love For Lovely Molly, Madison County hits Blu-ray May 8th and MUCH MORE!
45:50 – End

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