The Terrordome Podcast Episode 21: Dead Snow Commentary & NOLA Horror Film Fest!

LogoThis time on The Terrordome Podcast: it’s a jam-packed show as Dane and Bud are joined by their co-hosts Lex and Producer Fuzz for a special commentary rundown of Dead Snow! Nazi zombies, plenty of blood and guts, and unparalleled access into the minds of 4 idiots and their incoherent ramblings. What’s not to love? Plus, stick around to hear from special guests Chuck Lucia and Jeanne Palazzo from the New Orleans Horror Film Festival coming up later this month! Hear what it’s like to run a horror film festival, and why you won’t want to miss this year’s lineup. Step inside The Terrordome!

0:00 Intro

2:12 Dead Snow Commentary

1:34:57 NOLA Horror Film Festival Interview

2:00:27 Close

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