Theater Of Evil Ep #02 High Lane aka Vertige

TOELogo2The curtains have been drawn back once again time as Theater of Evil’s second episode has been unleashed to the masses!

 Q:What is Theater of Evil? 

A:Part movie commentary, part fireside chat, 100% a cast of characters from the horror podcasting world getting together on skype to discuss the streaming movie, get in some good laughs,  and mostly have a fun time being in each other’s company. Hopefully we entertain some folks along the way!
Tonight, Midnight Corey takes over the driver seat of the show as we welcome John Rhoades of the Morbidly Made podcast to watch, discuss and review the French film Vertige also known in America as Highlane. This flick from 2009 is one all of us have had sitting around the que for awhile without giving it too much thought, so what better way to finally take the plunge then by stopping by the ol’ Theater of Evil and clicking on the spooky projector!  All of you drinkers out there will be pleased with our beer & bourbon ramblings to kick off the show. I hope you are all approving because this very well could end up a mainstay, at this theater all drinks are on the house! Sit back, relax, cue up tonight’s movie and podcast, your favorite adult beverage, and enjoy the latest offering from Theater of Evil!

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