Theater Of Evil Ep #03 TerrorVision

TOELogo3The curtains have been drawn back once again time as Theater of Evil’s third episode has been unleashed to the masses!

On this episode we talk through the spectacularly bizarre horror-sludge-sci-fi monstrosity known as Terrorvision. I am joined by Corey, Moe, and Jamie (well, sort of).  Jamie’s pick tonight was a spectacular one and while we are sure she had great things to say, her skype decided to refuse to let her participate once the movie start rolling. Being the trooper she is, she continued to watch the movie on her own and popped back up after the movie ended to join us for some closing thoughts and last minute shits n giggles!
Tonight’s cast:
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Q:What is Theater of Evil? 
A:Part movie commentary, part fireside chat, 100% a cast of characters from the horror podcasting world getting together on skype to discuss the streaming movie, get in some good laughs,  and mostly have a fun time being in each other’s company. Hopefully we entertain some folks along the way!
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