Theater Of Evil Ep #04 American Zombie

TOELogo4Welcome back to the Theater of Evil…..
On this episode we welcome  Doug Tilley (movie geek) & Ashley Montgomery (the academic) of The Above the Line Podcast to the show to watch & discuss the 2007 Mock-U-Mentary  AMERICAN ZOMBIE!  What will the zombie uprising sub-culture teach us about them, but more importantly ourselves? Find out which of us probably should have watched this before hand, which one of us probably started drinking the good stuff before we began recording, and which two members of tonight’s cast come through with the heavy lifting to make this an enjoyable time for all of us, but more importantly all of you as well!
Get Up, Stand Up, Stand up for Zombie Rights, in this latest edition of Theater of Evil!

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Tonight’s Guests:
Doug Tilley
Twitter: @Doug_Tilley
The Above The Line Podcast –
Daily Grindhouse –
No Budget Nightmares –
Ashley Montgomery
Twitter – @AddiecakesNY
The Above The Line Podcast –
Q:What is Theater of Evil? 
A:Part movie commentary, part fireside chat, 100% a cast of characters from the horror podcasting world getting together on skype to discuss the streaming movie, get in some good laughs, and mostly have a fun time being in each other’s company. Hopefully we entertain some folks along the way!