Theme Warriors #04 Sequel Swerves

ThemeWarriorsLogo4Hello & Welcome back (finally!) to the Theme Warriors podcast!
It’s been a crazy couple of months that took the cast away from the show but we managed to re-group and put together another fun episode for the listeners.  On this installment we tackle sequels that take a different direction from the original. In some cases it’s a tonal change, while in others it seems to be a completely different kind of movie entirely.  This approach certainly comes with mixed results and strong opinions, while one of these sequels actually surpasses the original for one cast member.  Enough reading, time to get listening as we discuss The Black Bird, Gremlins 2, Highlander 2, & Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday.
Show note: We should be back to recording our regularly scheduled monthly shows now. *everyone can exhale*